Urban Tea Tumbler

Glass, Steel, & Natural Cork  

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The Urban Tea Tumbler shows off your classy, glassy tea infusions whether you like it hot or chilled. Its precision infuser can keep on steeping, or be removed when teas are steeped to perfection. Constructed of borosilicate glass, brushed stainless steel, and accented with cork, this tumbler is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sophisticated style. It’s bound to be a savvy companion on your next urban adventure.


  • Our #1 selling Steepware®
  • 16 oz Loose Leaf Tea Tumbler
  • Borosilicate Glass Bottle
  • Stainless Steel Infuser & Lids
  • Natural Cork Insulative Sleeve
  • Lids at both ends for easy hand washing
  • Not Dishwasher-safe, Not Microwave-safe
  • Lead-free, Cadmium-free, BPA-free

Alternatively, check out our double-walled steel Mountain Tea Tumbler.

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Price: $31.95
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Love this product. It doesn't leak, steeps great, cleans like a breeze all the while looking classy and chic—Julie
Love everything about this product. Being able to unscrew the bottom where the infuser is... genius! —korie
This tumbler is my favorite and i’m getting another! Steeper holds a lot of tea and I love the cork on the outside! My tea stays either hot iir cold, whatever’s I put in it for a long time! No drip sipping and never leaks when rumbling around in my backpack or tote!!—Kindness
I agree with one of the other viewers. I love this tumblers but have also had the same problem of the ends sticking to the point that you can’t get them off. I was eventually able to get the bottom off to put my water in that end. I don’t understand why this is happening. But do love the concept. —Momof7
This tumbler is well constructed and thought out. Since I received it I use it every day. It's made taking quality tea on the go so easy! I was surprised by how long the tea stays warm for. Definitely will recommend it to others!—TheTalena
I have used this heavily since I bought it. Holds up well hot or cold, and I can finally take my favorite teas to work! Does not leak, and the cork lets me hold it even when I use boiling water. I love strong teas, and I can safely shake and invert the Tumbler no matter how hot the water is inside. Very cool. Easy to clean too, take care of your Tumbler and it takes care of you!—Amanda
love the Urban tea tumbler. Easy to clean and easy to use. No spring on the sip top like other tumblers I've purchased. When the spring broke,it had to be tossed. This tea bottle is perfect. Love it! I also love the herbal tea sampler and the free herbal tea sample that was sent. Great customer service. Love your products! —realm90
Works extremely well, I use it everyday without any issues. Hot or Cold it doesn't matter, I start with Mountain Tea Tumbler, which keeps everything super hot, by the time I'm done, the Urban Tea Tumbler is perfect, normally I drink it at room temp. The only thing to be aware of of, since the tea steep at the bottom, you don't need as much tea as you might think. —Doug
I love the ease of filling the tea steeper every morning. I refill and reuse my leaves a couple of times a day. It doesn’t leak and I can drink straight from the bottle.—logotho
Absolutely love my tea tumbler! I use this every day at work or on the go. It is so easy to clean and I love traveling with it so I can have my tea on the go anywhere!—donnerlakegirl
Quality glass tea tumbler. I have two of them because I use them so much. I have bought similar knock-offs....don't waste your money on them. Buy the real deal. It doesn't leak and the cork is the perfect way to hold the glass without holding the heat. —dw2662
Not sure if my tumbler is defective but this thing leaks like crazy whenever I try to take out the metal infuser. Bad design. I CAN flip the tumbler upside down if both sides are tightly screwed but once I start to unscrew the bottom portion the top starts to leak.—Erica D.
My husband bought this for me for my birthday and I couldn’t be happier with this tumbler. I love that it holds 16oz because I love my tea but I also love how slender it is and easy for me to hold as I am a petite woman. The design of the bottle is just beautiful with the glass and cork chic yet eco friendly all which are very important to me. I have done both cold brew with this and hot brewing successfully. I love the way I am able to drink from it as well the glass is nice and rounded there so you have this smooth contact with your lips and you get no spillage. My only con is that I do not like to over steep my leaves and when you need to remove the infuser which is at the bottom A. You need to be careful it’s hot! and B. Its a little messy. All stuff that I can live with though.—Cindy
I still give it 5-stars even the color scratched quickly, otherwise it's a perfect product. I have been using it every weekday for nearly 8 weeks, its the best bottle I have ever had. It keeps warm for up to 1.5 hrs. Unlike coffee, we don't need to keep tea warm for 3 hrs. So this is the best in the market! More important for a biker - it doesn't leak at all! I keep it in my back back every day and enjoy every sip on the train!—Sharon
This tumbler is the best. Quality materials. The rubber seals appear to be heavy rubber, not the flimsy kind used on other tumblers. It is really great.—mdr
This is my entry into loose leaf tea steeping. I cant stress how easy it is to use, and the flavor extracted is second to none. Looks great, steeps great, what more could you ask for. —KevinSTL
Best tea device I have ever used. Love how the filter is in the bottom so the tea soaks until the end! —Kat
I use my tea tumbler almost every day. It is a quick and easy way to brew my tea when I am on the go. Get one and you will love it!—KPfish
I was one of the disappointed backers of Imbue at Kickstarter so I wanted to get something that works. This is it. I brew a variety of green teas at work and it is always great. I've never had it leak from either end and the cork keeps it from getting hot. It is convenient and reliable. Just put in the tea, fill it and it brews.—Steve
I had no issues with leaking, I was nervous about hot brewing in it due to other reviews but I personally didn't have any issues getting the bottom off. I have already gotten several compliments on it and I've only had it a couple of days. Easy to clean too which is a plus :)—Lena
I have quite the collection of teaware...and teas ;) and this tumbler is my favorite. It's really pretty, easy to clean, and works great. —sheryl
I adore this product, makes making tea so easy and with the cork handle makes it so efficient to carry to class with me and around town. I got the Buenos Aires Blue and it's gorgeous! So easy to clean too! So happy with my purchase. —Alexandra
It change the way I drink tea.—Ml
I've had my tumbler for 6 months now and I absolutely love using it. I love the cork sleeve and the concept of the steeper, it works great for cold steeps. I use a tube brush to clean the inside and I remove the caps from the bottle when it's not in use. I also dry the steeping vessel promptly after steeping to prevent discoloration of the metal. Love it!—Steph
I love this tumbler! I use it for cold brewing during the day and for my hot tea in the evenings. You can use it as a water bottle too, if you take the infuser basket out! It's super convenient for me because I am a student and I don't like carrying a ton of things around. I can have my tea and then switch to water if I want without needing a different container. It's really cute too, I love the cork around the bottle. I got the purple one and the color is so pretty!—Alex
These bottles are amazing, I love the small mesh where you put the tea leaves. Its small enough to no allow particles of tea leaves to flow into the water but large enough to steep properly, hot or cold. This truly is a wonderful product! I have ordered 4 of these. One for myself, my son and my husband and of course an additional one for my son because he dropped and broke is first one. —Ritta A.
I love this so much, I bought another shortly after my first one. I love that I can brew cold or hot. Its easy to clean. Easy to fill. Easy to drink. Seems durable and sturdy. I just love it!!—Monica
Love this so so much. Not only is it stylish, it's a great alternative to plastic. It's pretty easy to use and is great for on the go. I get so many people asking me where I got this! I recommend this for any tea lover! —Jackie
This tumbler is great! I drink a lot more tea now. I've had similar experiences as others....the blue is more of a teal, but still looks great. And, you need to be careful that you don't screw on the bottom to tight before filling with hot water, the heat causes the glass to expand a tiny bit. This can make the cap difficult to remove even after it cools a little...just don't bear down on it when tightening and its fine. Only downside I've found is the color gets scratched off easily, I wish I had chosen the plain stainless finish. If you want to keep it warm longer, they fit great inside a BYO neoprene 20 oz bottle bag. If you drink a lot of green tea and need to remove the bottom while it has hot water in it, this helps https://www.youmagine.com/designs/urban-tea-tumbler-holder I highly recommend this tumbler!!—Creo
This tumbler immediately became one of my favorites. It makes tea brewing much more easier. I love it!—Evelyn
It works pretty well. Having the steeper at the bottom is nice in that you don't have to worry how much water you put in but unfortunately it can overgrew your tea very easily. I find I use it more as a tea concentrate maker which I pour into my mug at work with hot water. Unfortunately I only got to use this product twice before the bottom became incredibly difficult to remove. Once I finally got it off after heating the bottom with a little hot water under the tap and using rubber grips I saw that the bottom of the glass had cracked in the grooves (which was probably what was keeping it stuck) which now makes it incredibly unsafe to use as a drinking container. At $15 per use I don't feel this product was worth the price.—Heather
This tubler is just masterpiece. It truly has that solid modern feeling. And truly will recommend to all. —Ribelin
I know next to nothing about tea, but I knew that my boss is a connoisseur of loose tea so I bought this as a Christmas gift for him. He has used it every day since he got it and each time he uses it, he stops by my desk to tell me how much he likes it. He has raved about the concept and the quality. Thanks for making me look like a genius!—JennyB1973
I've had this water bottle now for about a week and I am so in love! I've done both hot and cold brews, and both have turned out amazing. It's a great feeling to be able to take hot tea with me on the go and not have to worry about how I'm impacting the environment! —Mous0116
I don't know if I can fully express how frustrating it is to try to find non plastic travel mugs. Thank you so much for making this extremely high value high quality product.—Nicole
I love this tumbler! So well made and beautiful! Also...I can put it in my bag during my commute and not worry about it leaking or spilling!—Abby
This tumbler has changed the way I drink loose leaf tea. Finally, I can get my fix throughout the entire day, and wherever I am at! I even traveled with it recently, and it allowed me to have tea everywhere from the airport, to the hotel room, and then some. Not to mention, I actually dropped it and it bounced on the concrete multiple times, and it didn't break! I am getting these for all of my family and friends for Christmas.—Elizabeth
It is awesome, and I absolutely love it... when I can get the bottom off. I often spend several minutes trying to get the infuser side off after my tea is done, most of the time I have to get my boyfriend’s help. Just now I spent 15 minutes trying to get the bottom off and there was no one around to help so after about 5 minutes mark I took the top off and put my tea in a different container and kept trying but had no successes.—TeaKate
BEST Tea Steeper ever I've encountered. Easy to use and clean. Nice colors too!—Regina
When I saw the e-mail announcing this product I was very excited as I have has similar bottles in the past but was looking to replace them as they were not the always optimal products. The design and the materials are perfect. The openings are wide enough to thoroughly clean and avoid staining. The glass is light but sturdy and I feel that the rubber rings are well set into the base and cap to prevent any leakage. The steeping basket is also an asset. The holes are the right size to allow the water to filter in without too many tea leaves escaping into the bottle. If there is one concern, there are no care directions included on the packaging or the website. For now I'm just hand washing with soapy water but I'd like assurance that I am handling correctly to maximize the life of the bottle. (After researching cork and learning that it was waterproof). I also think the strap can be a little bigger to fit a wrist or more than one finger. I really don't want to drop this awesome glass bottle. And I also love the stainless steel accents and the vibrant colors!—Kelly M
I just received this and I already am in love with it. It is so easy to use and even better, easy to clean! The seals are great and I have zero leaking concerns despite having two "lids". My only nit pick is that the blue is more of a teal color and looked green at first in the dim lighting I was in when first opening it up. Still, I love the color. —Katrina
One of my best friends gave me one of these and I just have to tell you how great it is. First, I feel like the coolest kid in the office. It is so clean looking with the glass and the steel infuser and so eco-looking with the bamboo sleeve. But it's even cooler to know just how good cold-brew tea is. Take a quick break, throw in 2 or 3 pinches of whatever tea you feel like drinking, maybe some blueberries, fill with water, go back to your desk, shake it a few times, and then, glug...glug...glug. Refreshing! My biggest problem since I got this tumbler is making myself drink plain water-I just want to drink delicious cold-brewed tea from my Urban Tea Tumbler. —Michelle
This is the best tea steeping bottle I have ever used, so easy to clean and great for hot and cold brewing! —Hannah